Buying rooftoptents, 10 tips you should consider

Buying a rooftoptent is an important decision. A few years ago I was faced with this choice as well. There are many different rooftoptents and sometimes you don't know what to look for. Now a couple of years later we have made a list with 10 tips on what to look for when buying a rooftoptent. That way you know exactly what to expect and can make the right choice with confidence.


1. Determine your budget

Rooftoptents come in different price ranges, from a few hundred to thousands of Euros. Decide in advance what you are willing to spend and always consider the price-quality ratio. With a cheaper rooftoptent you often lose out on comfort and convenience. 


2. Choose the right size

Rooftoptents are available in different sizes, from 2 persons to 5 persons and often they can be extended with an extension tent. This may also fit a camp bed. Therefore, decide in advance how many people you will travel with and how many will sleep in the rooftoptent. Also consider the width of the rooftoptent in relation to the length of the car roof. This is because a large 5 person rooftoptent is much longer than a 2 person rooftoptent.


3. Pay attention to the weight

Rooftoptents often weigh around 50kg, pay close attention to the dynamic roof load of your car. Make sure the total weight of the rooftoptent does not exceed the maximum roof load. 


4. Check the mounting on the roof racks

Check if the rooftoptent can be easily mounted on the car with the roof racks. There are several roof racks available, always choose A-brands and check if they are wide enough compared to the mounting rails. 


5. Check if the windows are fitted with fly screens

A big advantage of a rooftoptent is that you have little trouble with crawling pests. To make sure you don't get any pests at all, it is important that the rooftoptent has fine fly screens at all openings. Then you can be sure that no mosquitoes get in either. 


6. Check the ventilation options

Good ventilation is essential for a good night's sleep and also prevents condensation. Always check your rooftop tent for ventilation options, such as our Sitta rooftoptent. 


7.  Check the material

The quality of the material determines the durability of the tent. Therefore, choose a rooftoptent made of high quality material. For example, there are several rooftoptents made with TenCate material, a high-quality cotton blend. This provides breathability and gives more ventilation. A Ripstop Canvas rooftoptent dries faster but is less breathable.


8. Pay attention to extra features

Some rooftoptents have additional features, such as a Awnings, extensions and shoe bags. Check whether these extra features add value for you. It can also be nice if spare parts can be bought separately for the rooftoptent. Then you can be sure that when something breaks the rooftoptent can be fixed. That is why we always sell spare parts for all our rooftoptents. 


9. Pay attention to the shape of the roof

It may sound crazy, but the shape of the roof is everything. There are rooftoptents with straight roofs and half round roofs. A rooftoptent with a straight roof is more likely to suffer from a water pocket on the roof. Round roofs provide better drainage. Also, always look carefully at the shape of the window awnings; if they are straight, water is less likely to run off them and may even enter the rooftoptent. 


10. Read reviews and experiences

Read reviews and experiences from other campers to make sure you make the right choice. 

By keeping these 10 tips in mind, you can buy the right rooftoptent to suit your needs. Do you have questions about one of our rooftoptents or would you like to visit our showroom? Please contact us!  And have fun camping!