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Will a rooftoptent fit on any car?

Our rooftop tents are specially designed to fit any car roof, they fold up on the roof of the car for easier transportation. When stationary, the roof tent can be unfolded to create a sleeping or living space.

The roof tent is mounted on the car's roofbars or roofrack. It is especially important to consider the maximum dynamic roof load of the car.

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How much weight is allowed on the roof of my car?

Nowadays most cars have a dynamic roof load of 75kg, which means that all our roof tents are allowed on the car. Always ask your garage about the maximum roof load of your car.

In addition a car has two different kinds of roof loads. A dynamic roof load and a static roof load. The dynamic roof load is the weight the car can carry on the roof while driving. The static roof load is the maximum weight the car is allowed to carry on its roof when stationary. We always maintain that the static roof load is 4x the dynamic roof load. 

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Do I need special roofbars for my rooftoptent?

For a rooftop tent you don't need special roof racks, but we do recommend to choose roof racks that have a minimum load of 75kg.

With roofbars with a minimum load of 75kg you're always sure that the roof racks can hold enough weight. Always choose A-brand roof bars from Farad or Thule, for example. 

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How to attach the rooftoptent to the car?

To fix our rooftop tents you first of all need good roof racks. Each of our rooftop tents has two aluminum profile rails mounted against the bottom plate. The roof tent is screwed to the crossbars with fittings that are inserted into the rails.

In our roof tents, two mounting systems are used for each support consisting of a rail guide, m8 bolt and nut and a mounting plate. The M8 bolts are inserted with the guides into the rails and placed on each side of the roof rack, over this goes the mounting plate and it clamps the roof tent against the roof rack. 

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Can I fold up my rooftop tent while it is wet?

You can fold it wet. If it is very wet, you can lightly wipe it with a towel beforehand.

It is important that when the tent is wet, you zipper up all the windows and doors so that no water can get through the windows onto your mattress. When a tent is wet, it should be opened within 48 hours to prevent mildew.

Always store your hybrid, hardshell or softshell roof tent clean and dry when not in use.

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How should I store my rooftop tent?

For the softshell rooftoptents, we recommend you to put it on the hinge side of the tent so it is stable.

If you want to save space you can also put it on the short side. If you put it on the short side, it is important to put a foam plate or a foam block underneath. With a softshell roof tent we advise you to put the side that is normally on the car against the wall, make sure that the roof tent can also be secured via mounting points with a strap.

The best place to put up a rooftop tent is in a space that is dry, does not have too many temperature fluctuations and does not allow mice or other vermin to enter. If you do have a room where the temperature varies and/or is also humid. Then we recommend removing the mattress from the tent and storing it in the house in a dry place. In addition, place a small bag of silica gel in the tent. You can buy the silica gel bags yourself or save them up because many packages contain such bags and you can reuse them in the tent.


What height Extension tent do I need?

We have two different heights of Extension tents, the 170cm and the 200cm high Extension. With an optional 15cm extension.

To get the correct size of the Extension you need to take the height of the car + roof racks and add 3cm for the mounting profiles of the roof tent.

Example of a Mazda CX5: Height car 167cm + 12cm height roof racks + 3cm = 182cm

For a Mazda CX5 you need a 170cm with extension. 

Example Mazda CX3: car height 153cm + 12cm height roof racks + 3cm = 168cm

So for a Mazda CX3 you need the 170cm Extension.

Example Volkswagen T6: Car height 189cm + 10cm roof racks + 3cm = 202cm

For a Volkswagen T6, you need a 200cm Extension.

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Can I zip multiple 15cm extension pieces together?

Can I zipper multiple extension pieces together?
When using an Extension, it is possible to use an additional 15cm piece. It is also possible to zipper together several extension pieces to increase the height of the Extension. 

Would you like to use an Extension, but your vehicle is higher than 2m? Then you can use our 15cm extension pieces. This extension zippers between the extension and the roof tent. The extensions are stackable, so you can zipper several extensions together. This way you can even use an Extension on a Sprinter.



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A rooftop tent should always be properly maintained read here how.

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