Who we are

What started with a family camping trip in the Netherlands grew into one of the biggest players in Europe in rooftoptents and a community of adventurers in over 15 countries.

Currently Dare To Be Different is run by a passionate team. We like to describe ourselves as adventurers and explorers, we want to discover the most beautiful places and above all living the outdoor life. This love for the outdoors always creates new challenges, which we are happy to take on. 

Our team has years of experience, not only in camping with a softshell rooftoptents, but especially in enjoying the outdoors and we like to share that experience with you!

We enjoy nature in its purest form. There is nothing better than sleeping in the open air. Waking up in the morning, walking down the ladder, making a cup of coffee or tea. Baking an egg and enjoying it a little longer.

That's enjoying nature through experience for us.


Where we are headed

To inspire and empower people to enjoy their time in nature, making memories and collecting stories. This has always been and will always be our main mission. With our products, we want you to feel confident and at home in nature, now and in the future. We want them to accompany you on your most unforgettable trips and adventures. That is why we develop and create in a purposeful way, so that you will enjoy our products for a lifetime.

We don't chase short-term goals or trends, and we certainly don't compromise on quality. Our own future and that of nature are inseparable.

1 Enjoy nature through experience 2


Nature as a starting point

We offer the best outdoor equipment, in harmony with nature, and that means we are always looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. Nature will always be our starting point and our destination. We don't tame rivers or beat the weather. We keep it simple and take it easy. We enjoy the passage of time in nature. And always long to return. 

Because this is the only way we can make memories that will last a lifetime, even for the next generation. How we do this?