Removing Stains from TenCate Tent Cloth

Our Sitta rooftop tents are made for harsh conditions. As a result, they are regularly exposed to the elements. It is important to properly maintain the tent canvas during and after camping for a long life of the rooftop tent. Especially if a stain occurs while camping, it is best to clean it immediately. The sooner you act, the better. Do you want to know how to clean TenCate tent canvas? We give you some advice and tips!

Our rooftop tents consist of two different materials; for example, our standard rooftop tents have canvas canvas (70% polyester and 30% cotton) and we have our TenCate canvas (50% cotton and 50% polyester). Keep in mind the type of material when cleaning. In this post we take a closer look at the TenCate material. 



PolyCotton tent canvas cleaning

For our Sitta roof tents and Extension tents we use KA-10 material this material is a mix of cotton and polyester, or PolyCotton. This material is uncoated tent fabric. The advantage of this material is that it provides a pleasant living environment in the roof tent. In case of a stain in the canvas, it is important to act quickly. Remove pithiness immediately with lukewarm water and a soft brush. Is the stain still not out? Then use a cotton cleaner. 


What you definitely should not do

  • Never use aggressive detergents on the tent fabric
  • Do not use detergent or all-purpose cleaner
  • Do not use vinegar or green soap on the tent fabric

So what should you do?

Anything can happen while camping and, as a result, many different types of stains can occur. From bird droppings, drinks or mold. All stains are annoying in your rooftop tent. But with the suite way of doing things, you'll have the stain out in no time! The first step is always a soft brush with lukewarm water. If this fails, there are a few other options. We list them for you.


Removing bird droppings and berries from PolyCotton rooftop tents

Remove the worst dirt with a spoon, for example. That way you won't spread the material further into the canvas of your rooftop tent. Are you there right away? Then lukewarm water and a soft brush will do. Has the bird droppings already hardened? Then you should first scrape off the bird droppings. The remains can be easily removed with water and by dabbing with a cloth.


Grease Stains

A grease stain is always more difficult to remove from the canvas of the roof tent, so prevention is better than cure. If a grease stain does occur unexpectedly, dab it with kitchen paper and water. Always dab, that way you can't spear the grease into the tent canvas and it only stays in the surface. The grease stain is best removed with a special cleaning agent for PolyCotton tent cloths such as Ultramar's agents. Our tip, always take a small bottle of detergent with you. This way you can always act quickly in case of grease stains. 


Mold or weather stains

Mold can permanently affect the rooftop tent, as mold breaks down the fabric of the rooftop tent. Therefore, always be alert for gray-black streaks or black speckles. If it is already in the canvas, you should clean the entire rooftop tent with an anti-fungal agent for PolyCotton.If the cotton is corroded through and through, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.Therefore, always make sure that the roof tent is preventively, also on the inside, well impregnated with breathable waterproofing agents. 


Resin on tent fabric

Removing resin completely is difficult; a stain often remains anyway. Never try to remove it immediately. But always let it ferment out first. 

Then you can remove it much easier.Always scrape the material off with a spoon. To make the resin cure faster you can use an ice cube. Once the resin has cured, remove it with the spoon and approach the tent fabric with a water repellent. This is because resin affects the action of impregnating agent.



Sugary drops caused by aphids should be removed as much as possible with lukewarm water and a soft brush. Brush it out gently. This is because stains left behind will eventually cause leaks. 


Wine or coffee stains

First sprinkle the stain with salt and dab with porous paper. Remove the residue with lukewarm water. Coffee is easy to remove from tent fabric, this always comes out with just tepid water and a cloth, again dabbing. Always try to remove drink stains as soon as possible, this will prevent discoloration in the canvas of the roof tent.