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Dare To Be Different Outdoor

What started with a family camping trip in the Netherlands grew into one of the biggest players in Europe in roof tents and a community of adventurers in over 15 countries.

Currently Dare To Be Different is run by a passionate team. We like to describe ourselves as adventurers and explorers, we want to discover the most beautiful places. This love for discovery always creates new problems, which we are only too happy to solve.

Our team has years of experience, not only in camping with a softshell rooftop tent, but especially in enjoying the outdoors and we like to share that experience with you! We enjoy nature in its purest form. There is nothing better than sleeping in the open air. Waking up in the morning, walking down the ladder, making a cup of coffee or tea. Baking an egg and enjoying it a little longer.

Our products guarantee that you can set off compactly and comfortably, whether on a trip around the world or a weekend away in your own country. The world is at your feet.


More than just rooftop tents

Dare To Be Different is more than just rooftop tents, we stand for adventure and innovation. We want to give everyone the opportunity to have their own adventure. Because the story of your life is told in adventures. Therefore we offer a wide range of rooftop tents and accessories, which we continuously develop and improve. So there is a suitable solution for everyone that makes it possible to get out and about.

Be adventurous, be different 


Latest news

Our roof tent the 180L Deluxe has been released in a new color, this makes for a modern roof tent with a new look! This rooftent doesn't only look good but is also spacious enough for 3 people, definitely a must if you are looking for a little more space or if you are travelling with a child.

In December 2021 we launched our newest rooftop tent the Aniehwere, this hybrid rooftop tent is specially designed for adventurers who want more luxury and are looking for more storage space. The Aniewhere is not only a comfortable rooftop tent, it is also a luggage rack and box. So you can bring everything you need for your next trip.

Also, starting in 2022, the 140S, 140L, 140L Deluxe, 180L Deluxe and the 220XL rooftop tents come with an anti-condensation bottom mattress. This mattress provides even more sleeping comfort and, as the name suggests, prevents condensation in the tent, giving you even more living comfort in our rooftop tents.

Do you want extra warranty? Then register your product quickly!

In addition, we will be offering an extra service this year; with every purchase of a DTBD outdoor product, you will get the opportunity to register your product for extra warranty. You can also register your products retroactively (from 1 January 2021). For more information about registering your products and the extra guarantee, click here.