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Dare To Be Different Outdoor

Welcome to the website of Dare To Be Different outdoor. Here you can find our product descriptions and specifications of our rooftoptents, our awings and our other products.

Our strength is that we always have enough in stock available within Europe. 

This year our rooftoptents have changed completely: our softshell rooftoptents now have a curved roof and the inner tubular frame is now made of 24mm tubes instead of 16mm tubes.

Our tents have become a bit more robust because of this.


We present a new concept for campings: the "Sky Lodge", which is a rentable tent with a second floor.

If you wish to rent one of our rooftoptents, you can go to daktent.nl in Baarn, Dakop.nl in Hengelo or to our distributor for belgium on www.autodaktenten.be which is in Wuustwezel.

You can view all of our products at our dealers. You can also view our products in Wenum Wiesel if you make an appointment.

For our stock market overview you can look at the item news or follow our Facebook page.


In brief:

Our newest asset is the Rooftoptent 180L Deluxe Limited edition. Which is a succes, because it is a 3-person tent with enlarged windows and 3 roof windows. The tent has been designed by us, making it difficult for you to find a comparing tent.

The Penta awning 180 and Penta awning 270 are comparable to the Foxwing awning, but better in quality, smarter, cheaper and more complete. When you buy an awning you will get a side wall for free.

We also have the Quad awning, which is an awning with an surface of 2m by 2,5m or 2,5m by 2m. They are very easy to set up and the weight is very little.

The Rooftoptent 140L can be extended with an Extension. This extension has 4 doors and every entry door has PVC windows with a blinding option.

There is a Luggage Hammock for in- or outside the rooftoptent. You can use is for storing shoes, clothes of something else.

The kinglet hardshell rooftoptet is currently out of stock.

There is an inside sky available for in the rooftoptent to make the cold nights more comfortable. The inside sky functions as an inner tent.

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