The new hybrid softshell roof tent

€ 3,995.00

100% Dutch

During the KCJ 2021 exhibit in Utrecht Dare To Be Different Outdoor will introduce a new and unique rooftop tent, the Aniewehere.

The Aniewhere is a 100% Dutch product and will be produced in series.


The Aniewhere is unique in that its design is based on a modular and flexible base. This makes it possible to easily adapt the standard colourful tent in the future. For example, we choose to give the customer the choice between 2 nice colour combinations of cloth. Once the customer has decided, the tent can easily be mounted in the frame at the point of sale.

The canopies above the doors are also modular and can be ordered optionally in various colours. So you can put together your own unique tent. A zip attaches the awnings to the tent, flexible poles tension the awnings to create a 'roof' over the entrance.

The basic frame is equipped with cross bars so that more luggage can be carried on the roof. For example, a canoe, surfboard or even a bicycle.

Sustainable materials

Unlike other tents, the Aniewhere does not need an extra cover. Just loosen the 2 straps, give the durable frame a push and the tent opens itself by the 2 gas springs on the outside of the frame.

The Aniewhere is a spacious tent with an inner dimension of 138x210 cm and a height of no less than 140 cm. This offers the possibility to put the pillow on both sides of the tent, by the window or on the closed side without feeling that you are lying with your nose against the ceiling.

Plenty of room, even for an extra mattress overlay or froli system under the base mattress. Aniewhere has a 'roof' made of 100% waterproof flexible PVC-coated fabric, which gives the tent space for bedding and pillows. It also allows extra luggage to be stored in the tent when it is closed.

Available from April 2022.

The Aniewhere is available starting from € 3.995,00

Due to the enormous increase in the cost of raw materials, we have had to decide not to deliver the Aniewhere with a froli system as standard. The froli system is optionally available.

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  • Frame (Material): Aluminium blank anodised; 
  • Roof (materiaal):  PVC 500g/m2;
  • Base: Plastic Sandwichplate 24mm
  • Tent fabric(Material): Acryl Fabric 290g/m2,  watertight, UV-coated;
  • Lifting sytem: self-opening with gas struts;
  • Opbergen: 2 x pockets for mobile phone or glasses;
  • Roof bars: On top of the Aniewhere are 2 roof bars. (Maximum load 10Kg each bar)
  • Ladder: Aluminium telescopic, standard 2.3m (2.6m available as option);
  • Mattress: 210cm x 138cm x 6cm (lxwxh)2-layer polyester mattress with removable and washable cover;
  • Outside dimensions closed: 220cm x 142cm x 28cm (lxwxh);
  • Opened outside dimensions: 220cm x 142cm x 150cm (lxwxh);
  • Inside dimensions: 210cm x 138cm (lxw) Height increasing from 40cm to 140cm;
  • Weight: 50kg;
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Warranty and registration

Standard you get 2 years warranty when buying the Aniewhere, by registering your product here you get 1 year extra. So register your Aniewhere and get 1 year more warranty on your roof tent!