New at DTBD in 2022

This year we also have some news for you! This year we exist ten years and that should be celebrated. Therefore we come with a number of giveaways and you want to be there. So keep an eye on our social media for all these actions.

Besides our ten year anniversary we are also launching our newest rooftent the Aniewhere, last year we presented it and this year it will go on sale as a limited edition. In total there will be 50 pieces for sale so be quick and pre-order the Aniewhere. You can do this by contacting us via the mail at

Besides the Aniewhere we have also changed the look of our 180L Deluxe, from March on the 180L Deluxe can also be ordered in the color green! We love the rugged look of this rooftop tent. Want to know more about the color or see the pictures? Then go to our instagram page or view more here

We are also going to offer an extra service; with every purchase of a DTBD outdoor product you will get the opportunity to register your product, for extra warranty. You can also register your products retroactively. For more information about registering your products and the extra guarantee, click here. 

In addition to all of the above, we come with one more extra service! Starting this year, the rooftop tents 140S, 140L, 140L Deluxe, 180L Deluxe and the 220XL will be delivered with an anti-condensation bottom mattress. This mattress provides even more sleeping comfort and, as the name suggests, prevents condensation in the tent, giving you even more living comfort in our rooftop tents.

Our anti-condensation mattresses have elastic bands that are attached to the sleeping mattress, so you can easily unfold the roof tent without the anti-condensation mattress sliding around. The anti-condensation mattress comes standard in 8mm thickness and can be upgraded to a 15mm mattress.