How to use the burners of a DTBD Chuckbox

Lately we have noticed that many customers have to get used to using our burners, in the cooking boxes. This is mainly because our burners have a higher power than the burners at home. We also see that many customers are no longer used to cooking on gas, because that is really quite different from a ceramic hob or an induction plate. Therefore, here are some tips on how to use burners.

Tip 1: When using gas burners, it is important to adjust the burner so that the heat goes optimally to the pan, not to the surroundings. Therefore, it is also often better to set the burner lower. The higher you set the burner the more heat is lost to the surroundings, as the pan reflects heat to the surroundings, instead of absorbing it when the burner is set too high. A big advantage of this is that you will also use much less gas, your gas bottle will last much longer!

Tip 2: When lighting the burner it is also important to never fully open the gas, turn the knob of the gas a little bit and then light the burner with the system on. This way you won't get an unexpected stabbing flame and you can also start cooking in a more controlled way.

Tip 3: Finally, it is important to avoid heat build-up in our compact cooking boxes, especially under the burners this can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation. Therefore, never light the burners if the cooking box is not fully folded. Always open all side tables when cooking.