Want to buy a chuckbox? Discover the Dare to be Different camping kitchens

Do you find it annoying to have to cook during your camping holiday? Working with a (small) gas stove is not ideal. Fortunately, Dare to be Different has found a solution. Discover the chuckbox, a complete camping kitchen in one box. Handy in use and easy to take with you.

Camping kitchen in a box

When you go on holiday with your rooftop tent, you probably wonder what the best way to cook is. Dare to be Different has thought of something. We have designed a camping kitchen in a box: the chuckbox.

In no time, you will create the most ideal outdoor kitchen for up to four people. In the chuckbox, you will find everything you need to cook and enjoy your meal. There is cutlery, but also pans and spice jars and even two gas burners.

You can buy a Dare to be Different chuckbox at various shops and dealers. You can choose between three sizes:

Chuckbox S
Chuckbox M
Chuckbox XL

Is the chuckbox really something for you and would you like to buy one? Then take a look at our other camping accessories. At the shops and dealers you can also find your Dare to be Different roof tent or awnings.

Buy a chuckbox

Do you already know which chuckbox meets your needs? Or do you still have questions about which chuckbox is best for your situation? You can buy a chuckbox from various shops and dealers in camping equipment. They will be happy to help you.

DTBD Outdoor Chuckbox-Kookkist-Kochbox XL 1 -1

Chuckbox S

The chuckbox S is the most compact chuckbox in our range.

Yet it is fully equipped for use with 4 people.

DTBD M Chuckbox Kochbox Kookkist 2021  (3)

Chuckbox M

The M chuckbox has been redesigned, the design is based on our highly successful S chuckbox.

The M chuckbox still has the larger pans and, when unfolded, it has a worktop at table height and has become larger.

DTBD Outdoor Chuckbox-Kookkist-Kochbox XL 29 b

Chuckbox XL

The chuckbox XL is the extension of the chuckbox S.

The chuckbox S is extended by the chuckbox XL with more free storage space, more worktop and a full-sized camping table.