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Where can I find the serial number of my DTBD RooftopTent?

For our warranty registration we ask for the serial number of the roof tent and sometimes the...
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How does the ladder of my DTBD Outdoor rooftop tent work?

Setting up a ladder for the rooftop tent for the first time can sometimes be tricky. To make it as...
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Can I use my rooftop tent with a quick release system?

We get more and more questions whether our roof tents can be used with a quiz lock and release...
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When to buy a rooftop tent and when to rent one?

A rooftop tent is certainly more expensive than a normal tent. But it is also much more than just a tent. Have you only heard about a rooftop tent? Don't just buy a rooftop tent, rent one for a week and experience it. Have you tried a rooftop tent at a dealer or somewhere else, do you like flexibility and a good bed, then the rooftop tent is a great solution and rooftop tent camping is really for you. I would buy it.

If you are a fanatical tent camper and you are finally taking the step to travel from place to place, the rooftop tent is the ultimate tent camping feeling and still super relaxed when building up a tent with little work.

Are you a fanatical tent camper who has been thinking about how to pull more for years? BUY a rooftop tent. 100% tent, 100% convenience. Your tent and bed are ready to use within 5 minutes. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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