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Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid rooftop tent

The hybrid tent is very popular with those who want a lot of space and a dry access to their...
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What do you do about condensation and why is it there?

Don't worry, your tent is waterproof. Your tent is waterproof, but the moisture on the inside of...
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Can I fold a rooftop tent when it is wet?

The same applies as for a normal tent.You can fold the rooftop tent wet/damp. If it is very wet,...
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Points to consider when buying a rooftop tent

Below are a few points that we think you should consider. Of course, you may select what you consider important.

  • Does the rooftop tent fit on your car?

  • Can you store the rooftop tent.

  • Can you arrange people to put the rooftop tent on your car.

  • Do you want a hardshell or a softshell.

  • Do you have a preference for a colour of the tent.

  • Check the weight of the tent's fabric, this is a major determinant of quality and durability.

  • Can you expand the tent with accessories?

  • Do you want the option of more living space? An under tent gives you that option.

  • Can you see through the fly screen and is it fine enough? 0.5 mm2 is the maximum size of the opening to keep knots out. If the hole is bigger, they come through.

  • The quality of the zips is very important, are they unbranded or do they have an A-brand (SBS or YKK).

  • Mattress is a personal thing, try it out and experience the hardness. In rooftop tents where you can put extra stuff you can easily put a topper.

  • What material is the mattress cover, is it breathable and washable?

  • Are there sufficient ventilation possibilities?

  • Does the tent have canopies on the side windows and can you roll them up if necessary?

  • Is there a solid fly-top on the softshell roof tent for extra insulation.

  • How is the finish of this fly-top. Are the weft eyes sufficiently reinforced?

  • Cover of the softshell roof tent:

    • Check that the cover is not too tight around the tent. You will never be able to fold it as well as it came out of the box.

    • If the cover is not too tight, you have already made sure that you can pack extra things in it.

    • It is possible to say that stuff can be packed in it, but check that.

    • Check if the cover has welded seams instead of stitched seams, because a welded cover is dust and water tight.

  • The length of the ladder is long enough, standard DTBD ladders are already 2.3m.

  • Check the diameter of the tube frame and whether the roof has a curved shape, the curved shape ensures a better water flow.

  • Check in the roofed entrance whether a telescopic rod is used in the crossing. This prevents cold showers at all times due to the water pocket that can occur.

  • Does the tent have a good manual.

  • Are there instruction videos.

  • What accessories are available; shoe storage bags, luggage hammock, awning, etc.?

  • The service and warranty.

  • Are there more sales outlets.

  • How long has the brand existed.

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