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We dared to do things differently | Roadtrip Siebe & Jelle

It has been a great first month! The first month of our trip with Jack, our yellow 4*4 Suzuki LJ80...
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Where can I find the serial number of my DTBD RooftopTent?

For our warranty registration we ask for the serial number of the roof tent and sometimes the...
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How does the ladder of my DTBD Outdoor rooftop tent work?

Setting up a ladder for the rooftop tent for the first time can sometimes be tricky. To make it as...
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Can you leave your pets in the tent?

Pets in a rooftop tent are of course no problem. However, you will have to lift up your dog or cat yourself. And please note that you should never leave a pet alone in a tent. The sharp claws and teeth can easily penetrate your tent cloth, sleeping bag or mattress.

If you prefer not to have your pet on top of the roof tent but close by, an under tent is certainly an option. Under-tents are 100% lockable and available in different heights. 

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