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Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid rooftop tent

The hybrid tent is very popular with those who want a lot of space and a dry access to their...
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What do you do about condensation and why is it there?

Don't worry, your tent is waterproof. Your tent is waterproof, but the moisture on the inside of...
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Can I fold a rooftop tent when it is wet?

The same applies as for a normal tent.You can fold the rooftop tent wet/damp. If it is very wet,...
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Repairing your roof tent

If there is an accident and a tear of up to 8 cm in the tent fabric, it can easily be repaired. We recommend the product Tear-Aid Gold. This is an adhesive strip that you can cut to size and stick to the inside of the tent fabric over the tear(s).

If the crack or damage is greater. In this case we advise you to contact your seller, who will then advise you how the damage can be repaired.

The great advantage of our tents is that the tent fabric can be completely removed from the base plate, making it very easy to carry out repairs.

Damage to the roof tent cover can also happen. It can be easily repaired with tear aid or with PVC glue for soft PVC.

Also for larger damages to roof tent covers we advise you to contact your sales person. In our warehouse we have these roof tent covers in stock.

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