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Where can I find the serial number of my DTBD RooftopTent?

For our warranty registration we ask for the serial number of the roof tent and sometimes the...
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How does the ladder of my DTBD Outdoor rooftop tent work?

Setting up a ladder for the rooftop tent for the first time can sometimes be tricky. To make it as...
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Can I use my rooftop tent with a quick release system?

We get more and more questions whether our roof tents can be used with a quiz lock and release...
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General roof tent maintenance

You want that beautiful rooftop tent to last for years and to give you many wonderful adventures in it. Our rooftop tents are virtually maintenance free, but we do have a few tips to help you keep it fresh and fruity.


After each trip it is important to let the tent dry properly.

  • Put the tent up.
  • Remove the mattress from the tent.
  • Let them both dry well before storing.

Please note! When removing the mattress from the roof tent, please ensure that the cover does not get caught in the hinge of the roof tent. The cover of the mattress is a bit wider and therefore the fabric of the mattress cover can get stuck in the hinge. If you now pull the mattress out without paying attention to this, you will tear the cover.


Fold open the tent, but not so far that the bottom plate is flat but just slightly bent, stand on the ladder and fold the mattress up. You can then see exactly what is happening and avoid destroying the cover.

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