Our roof tents 140L, 180L and 220XL series can be extended with our extensions. The extensions are unique because they have, in addition to the rear door, three access doors as standard. The use of windows makes the extensions more than just an extension for more storage space. You can comfortably live with 2 to 4 people in them whether the weather is good or bad. In warm weather you can ventilate sufficiently and when it rains you can just open the windows to look outside and let the light in.

Our extensions also fit on the older models of the DTBD outdoor roof tents. So if you have an older model roof tent, you can simply use a new extension underneath.

202005 DTBD Outdoor Annex 8

Extension 140L

The 140L extension has enough space for 2 people to sit at a camping table.

2020 DTBD Outdoor 180L pic 7

Extension 180L

The 180L extension has a unique design. The space in the extension makes it easy to enjoy the view with 4 people.

220XL DTBD Outdoor 10s

Extension 220XL

The 220XL extension provides an enormous living space. And that is a good thing, because there are four of you sleeping in the rooftop tent. So you need space too. You can easily invite more than 4 people in.