Sliding wall

Short description: The sliding wall allows you to create a sheltered corner under the rooftop tent in one fluid movement. This allows you to sit out of the shade, rain or sun and under which you can store all your equipment. A sliding wall is the ideal solution when you travel from day to day and don't feel like putting up an annex room.





Set-up time
3 min
2 kg
Dimensions packed
40x30x5 cm
Dimensions mounted
250/125 x 230 cm
What's in the bag?
Sliding wall, 5 pegs and guy ropes
300g canvan (35% cotton / 65% polyester) with PU coating, waterproof up to 2,500mm, ripstop and UV-resistant
Do not store wet, allow to dry within 48 hours
Store dry in a well-ventilated area.

More information

Quickly create a sheltered spot

The sliding side wall is designed to be used for all our rooftop tents. Thanks to the frame tendon, you can easily slide the side wall into the profile of all our rooftop tents. Within 2 minutes, you will have a lovely place to sit.

For every rooftop tent and car

The tendon at the top of the sliding wall is inserted into the tendon edge on the underside of the rooftop tent. The sliding wall is trapezoidal with five loops for pegs at the bottom. With a height of 2.3 metres, the sliding wall also fits under rooftop tents on higher cars.

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Sliding wall and awning in 1

The sliding wall can be used as a wall running directly down from the rooftop tent. But by using 1 tent pole, you can also use the sliding wall as an awning. This gives you a sheltered spot or a shaded area to sit under quickly and easily. 

Your equipment deserves to last for years

Jouw uitrusting zorgt voor herinneringen die een leven lang mee gaan. Wanneer je naar ze kijkt of monteert roept dit herinneringen op aan magische momenten en avonturen in de buitenlucht. Daarom vinden wij dat ze het waard zijn om goed te onderhouden en repareren. 

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Available for the following rooftop tents:

The Sliding Wall is available for the following rooftop tents:

  • Rooftop tent 140 model
  • Rooftop tent 180 model
  • Rooftop tent 220 model


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Hugely convenient!

We bought the sliding wall for short stopovers. This way we can still make a sheltered spot without having to put up a large annex room. Extremely handy!

2 years ago