Chuckbox XL

€ 1,450.00

Good food is part of a good adventure. With a Dare To Be Different Chuckbox, you can create the ideal outdoor kitchen for four people in no time at all. From cutlery to frying pan and from herb pots to gas burner, everything you need is in there. Are you still missing something? There is still room to fill up the chuckbox as you wish.

The chuckbox XL is the extension of the chuckbox S. The chuckbox S is extended with the chuckbox XL and this results in more free storage space, more workspace and a full camping table.

The XL consists of two units the table and the kitchen in the kitchen the chuckbox S is stored and the extra storage space and also the extra burner with a capacity of no less than 7kW.

The extra free space consists of two drawers and a storage compartment. One of these drawers has a variable compartment that can be used as an extra cutlery drawer. The other drawer is completely free to use because of the free height of 6cm above the drawer you can also put glasses or your pans that you already had. These drawers can of course also be used for stock. The storage compartment behind the burner has a lid and so you can store things in it. Like extra cups, glasses or stock.

The 7kW burner is ideal to use for woks or a grill plate so you can also perfectly grill on it.

The camping table is a table as usual with its dimensions of 137cm x 81.5cm and a height of 75cm you can sit on it with at least 4 people. Because of its height it can be used to eat or play a game.

The chuckbox S is stored in the chuckbox XL and can be used as usual, only the lid has to be removed.


Contact one of our dealers. Our dealers do not have the XL Cooking Box as standard. As a result, the XL Cooking Box can only be delivered to order. If you would like to see it first, come to one of our exhibition participations see our New overview. Or call us.

Chuckbox XL from Dare To Be Different Outdoor.


  • 1 piece 7Kw Burner
  • Drawer 1 with dividers
  • Drawer 2 free space
  • Storage behind burner


  • Chuckbox S


DTBD Outdoor Chuckbox-Kookkist-Kochbox XL 3
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  • Price excluding Chuckbox S: €    1,095.00;
  • Prijs including Chuckbox S:  € 1,450.00;
  • Dimensions Closed: 84cm x 37 cm x 41,5 cm, L x W x H;
  • Dimensions unfolded: 
    • Table:      103cm x 81,5 cm x 75cm (L x W x H)
    • Kitchen: 137cm x 34cm x 75cm (L x W x H);
  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Weight: 22kg (Excluding Chuckbox S;
  • Gewicht: 34kg (included Chuckbox S;
  • Warranty: 2 year.