Ezi Sky clips

Short description: The Ezi Sky Clips are a handy and simple retractable accessory for your rooftop tent or awning. Simply slide the Ezi Sky Clips into the tendon edge of the rooftop tent or awning and you can organise and hang all your outdoor equipment. Hang whatever you want to keep off the ground with the Ezi Sky Clips, from coats and wet towels to backpacks, lamps and shoes.





Set-up time
1 min
Max load capacity
5kg per clip
50cm length
What's in the bag
Strap with 5 eyes and 5 carabiners

More information

Set of five carabiners 

The Ezi Sky Clips are sold in a pack of five carabiners with the corresponding tendon that can be slid into the tendon edge of the rooftop tent. The carrying capacity of the Ezi Sky Clips sits at a maximum of 5 kg per carabiner. Coats, wet towels and day packs, whatever it is, the Ezi Sky Clips can handle it. 

How to use.

Because we want to make travel as simple as possible, our products must also be simple to use. The Ezi Sky Clips certainly are! Just slide the keder (tendon) into the tendon edge of the rooftop tent or awning, click the carabiners through the weft eyes and that's it! The Ezi Sky Clips can remain in place when you fold the rooftop tent, for the awning we recommend removing the Ezi Sky Clips and then rolling them up.


The Ezi Sky Clips in combination with an annex room

The Ezi Sky Clips can also be used, when an annex room is attached to the rooftop tent. The Ezi Sky Clips can also be attached to the tent in several ways, on the side on the left, right or at the front (ladder side). 


Available for the following rooftop tents:

The Ezi Sky Clips can be combined with the Ezi Carryall and used as a shoe bag for all our rooftop tents and for other rooftop tents.


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I can't make anything out of it other than hugely convenient! Easy to use and actually a tremendously good coat rack.

3 months ago