Luggage hammock

Short description: Would you like to easily put an extra set of clothes in your rooftop tent, or would you like to store your dirty hiking shoes under the rooftop tent? This is now very easy with the Luggage Hammock. Just click the hammock under the rooftop tent and you have extra storage space. It is also possible to hang the hammock in the rooftop tent by the poles for that extra bit of space. 





Set-up time
1 min
100% polyester with plastic clips
Dimensions packed
40x10x1 cm
Dimensions mounted
80x40 cm
1 year

More information

An all-round product

The luggage hammock is a versatile product, as it is flexible in its use. You can choose to hang the hammock in the rooftop tent for extra storage, for clothes or books. But it can also be stored under the rooftop tent, so you can store large walking shoes or jackets. Without them lying around in the annex room or outside. 


The Luggage Hammock in combination with the annex room

We are often asked whether it is possible to combine the luggage hammock with the annex room. Unfortunately this is not possible, as the luggage hammock uses the annex room, which also holds the annex room. However, it is possible to hang the luggage hammock in the rooftop tent. 

What can I put in it?

The luggage hammock measures 80 x 40 cm, which means you have plenty of options for storing materials. We like to use them for large hiking boots and sometimes to quickly store our books in the rooftop tent. 


Available for the following rooftop tents:

The luggage hammock is available and can be used with the following rooftop tents:

  • All 140 models
  • 180 L Deluxe
  • 220 XL 



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Super simple but hugely useful!

The hammock is a real godsend, it is a simple product but works tremendously well. We like to store an extra set of clothes in it, and we also just let it sit in the rooftop tent while folding. 

2 years ago