A Dare to be Different rooftop tent Deluxe

Do you want to go on a camping holiday soon, but is a caravan not for you? You don't like putting together a complicated tent? Then a rooftop tent is something for you. Save time and space in your car with the roof tents of Dare to be Different.

Wide range of roof tents

At Dare to be Different Outdoor, we have a wide range of rooftop tents. Whether you want to go camping with your partner, family or (grand)children, we have the tent on your car roof to suit everyone's camping needs.

With us you can choose from the Deluxe rooftop tents like the 140L Deluxe. Prefer something bigger? Choose for our roof tent 180L Deluxe. Besides the standard specifications of the normal 140L and 180L rooftop tents. Our Deluxe tents are also equipped with 3 roof windows and 2 extra PVC windows above the entrance.

Buy rooftop tent

Do you already know which roof tent you want to buy for your camping holiday? Or do you still have questions about which roof tent is best for your situation? The Dare to be Different rooftop tents are for sale at official Dare to be Different points of sale in camping gear. They are ready for you.

DTBD Outdoor 140L Delux  Rooftoptent dachzelt Daktent (2)

Rooftop tent 140L Deluxe

For the adventurous couple who want more visibility and ventilation, we have the 140L Deluxe.

This tent is also ideal for young families with one small child, for example.

Rooftop tent 180L Deluxe

For the adventurous three-person traveller who still wants more view or ventilation, we offer the Deluxe Series.

This tent is also frequently used by families with young children. In other words, more than three people can sleep in the tent.