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Even after purchase will DTBD outdoor ensure you remain a satisfied customer! We will therefore guide and support as the unexpected should happen that your product is defective. 

All products are covered by a 24 months warranty, which covers all parts and labour. Wear and tear improper and careless storage is not covered by this warranty. Damage to zippers also fall within wear and therefor also excluded from this warranty.

If your product develops a fault due to normal use we will repair the item with replacement parts as required. For defects that can be fixed by the layman, we may elect at our discretion to just provide the replacement parts.

Is your tent elsewhere, not repaired in consultation with DTBD Outdoor or one of our dealers that will void any warranty.

You can offer your product for warranty according to the following procedure.


Please inform us about a product that you want to offer for warranty, by using our contact form on the contact page.

The following details have to be provided:

  • Name and contact details:
  • Description of the defect including photos
  • Order number on which the product is ordered
  • Your bank information: account number, name and address of the bank.


Based on the information provided, we assess the defect if it is an manufacturer fault and see if it is within the warranty period. Then we will inform you of the further steps to be taken to rectify the fault.
Is the defect an manufacturer fault and within the warranty period we will repair the product without any costs. If not we shall inform you and discuss the options. We can repair as far as possible for you, but the cost will we then have to pass on to you. In both cases we will inform you about this in time via email.

Freight cost for the return of the product or to replace the product is the responsibility of the claimant.

In all cases never send the product to us without having contact with us. We will not accept product that are sent to us without an RMA number.

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