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  • How different are we?

    The range of rooftop tents on offer today is enormous. Where's the difference now?

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Rooftoptent 140 L


This softshell roof tent is simple and easy to set up. The roof tent has many windows. These can be opened and closed. When the windows are open there is a lot of light. When completely closed there is enough darkness to sleep. Because the roof tent lies on the roof of your car, you have a wide view through the windows. The roof tent is available in the colors green, brown or yellow. The entrance has a small awning and an telescopic ladder.

This canvas roof tent is characterized by a covered entrance. Because of this it is possible to zip an extension on the underside of the roof tent. This extension provides privacy en gives you the opportunity to get in the roof tent without being seen or without getting wet. Without the extension it is still possible to get in the roof tent without getting wet. This is the biggest difference between the 140 S and the 140 L, because the 140 S does not have a covered entrance.

At Dare To Be Different we aim for an optimum living environment in our roof tents. An extra insulation layer is created by the double roof system. The extra layer is the fly-top, which creates the insulation layer above the regular roof. Because of this the temperatuur on hot days in the roof tent stays comfortable. During cold nights this extra layer holds back the heat loss. The double roof system also protects the tent against rain. If you are going to a really cold environment, we can deliver a cotton inside sky, which creates a second insulation layer. The inside sky can stay in the roof tent when folded.

Another important part of a comfortable living environment is ventilation. The roof tent is equipped with 2 ventilation openings and with 2 windows both with a canopy, which provides a good ventilation during rain. The windows are equipped with mosquito mesh which makes it easy to realize additional ventilation. Both entrances of the roof tent are also equipped with a mosquito mesh doors. This allows optimal ventilation for the roof tent.

A comfortable mattress is an important part of a good sleep. There is a six-centimeter-thick mattress in the roof tent. Because of the mattress length of 230cm, this roof tent is extremely suitable for taller people. Around the mattress is a zip-off and washable cover made of 100% cotton. Furthermore, the roof tent is equipped with various handy storage compartments to store a telephone, glasses or flashlight at night.

The 140L is a tent with a bed size of 140cm x 230cm for a maximum of two adults.

We are happy to advise you on the most suitable roof rack for the combination of this roof tent and your car.


The 140L is the rooftoptent with a big range of options.

 €  1.695,00


With every roof tent from Dare To Be Different there are a number of accessories that you can buy. There are the following accessoires for the 140 L: 



  • Fly-top420D Polyester Oxford with PU coated, Water-proof 2500mm, Rip-stop, UV-cut
  • Body: 300G Canvas (Cotton 35%/Polyester 65%) with PU coated ,Water-proof 2500mm, Rip-stop, UV-cut
  • Transport Cover: PVC 1200D-680Gr with high frequency welded seams, Colour Light Gray
  • Base: Aluminium Sandwich constructed baseplate with insulation and highpressure glued.
  • Colour: Sand, Green or Coffee
  • Ladder: Aluminum Telescopic Ladder 2.3m ( 2.6m is available)
  • Mattress: 240x140x6 CM Sponge, Non-Deforming Sponge Mattress with removable 100% cotton cover, the sponge Density 50,
  • Unfolding Size: 140L W143xL310xH126CM
  • Packing Size: 150x125x30CM in carton
  • Weight:61KG
  • Warranty: 2 years



  • How different are we?

    The range of rooftop tents on offer today is enormous. Where's the difference now?

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