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Kinglet rooftoptent

This hardshell roof tent is characterized by simplicity and the speed with which it is set up. The hardshell roof tent is the fastest to set up. Also the design is different from the other models. The Kinglet Hardshell has a sturdy plastic shell on the top and bottom side. When folded, the Kinglet Hardshell looks like an extra large roof box.

The entrances of the hardshell roof tent are placed off the center, which ensures that there is only one door is blocked. Because of this it is possible to choose which door you would like to use and which door you block.

The roof tent is exceptionally spacious on the inside. The mattress is 215cm by 145cm, which makes it suitable for taller people. Thanks to the unique unfolding system of the Kinglet, there is no loss of mattress surface as with many comparable roof tents. The height of the Kinglet inside the roof tent is 106 cm. This height is also unique if you compare it wih the roof tent of our competitors. Thanks to this height it is possible to change clothes when sitting in stead of laying.

The big windows of the roof tent provide a nice view. Furthermore, the Kinglet hardtop always has led-lightning with dimming function and four USB connections with phone bags. To store your luggage, the roof tent has two clothes hooks, two big storage bags beneath the windows and a big luggage net on the ceiling.

Wij adviseren u graag over het meest geschikte dakdrager voor de combinatie van deze daktent en uw auto.

The kinglet is our only hardshell roof tent

  €  2.450,00


  • An aqua mattress for €175,00
  • A shoe bag for €45,00
  • A detachable canopy for €375,00



  • Outside shell (color): black or white
  • Outside shell (material): polyester
  • Tent cloth (color): grey
  • Tent cloth (material): 400g canvas (35% cotton / 65% polyester) with PU coating, waterproof 2500mm, ripstop and UV-resistant.
  • Lifting system: self opening with gas pressure springs
  • Ladder: aluminium and telescopic, 230cm
  • Mattress: 215 x 145 x 7 cm. Polyester mattress with washable coat.
  • Size during transport: 218 x 152 x 38 cm
  • Size when unfolded: 218 x 152 x 110 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years



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