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Aqua Mattresses

The unique 3D structure of our mattresses ensures a healthy and pleasant sleeping environment in your roof tent. Our moisture-regulating mattresses are specifically made for use under the mattress of a roof tent and are supplied to measure for our roof tents.

By using our mattresses under the normal mattress, moisture and mold formation are effectively prevented. The open structure absorbs perspiration and condensation moisture that easily evaporates through the air circulation. Both types of under mattress can remain under the mattress when you close the roof tent.

Mattresses are also called aquamat, condensate mat or akwamat.

Depending on your travel plans and comfort wishes, we can offer you two variants:

"Extreme ventilation" mattress base

This under mattress has almost no elastic capacity and ensures a high degree of ventilation so that moisture under the mattress can easily escape.

Specification mattress "Extreme ventilation"

  • Price: € 175.00;
  • Material: plastic with metal;
  • Colour black;
  • Dimensions: 230 cm x 140 cm x 1.5 cm (lxwxh);
  • Weight: 5 kg;
  • Warranty: 2 years.

"Ventilation and comfort" mattress
In addition to ventilation, the elastic capacity of this mattress provides more sleeping comfort. The ventilation of this mattress is still good only this mattress "Ventilation en comfort" provides more comfort.

Specification mattress "Ventilation and comfort"

  • Prijs: € 150,00;
  • Material: woven plastics;
  • Colour White;
  • Dimensions: 230 cm x 135 cm x 1.5 cm (lxwxh);
  • Weight: 2 kg;
  • Warranty: 2 years.


We are happy to help you find the right mattress.




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